January 2024 Blog

Throughout 2023 we noted many new laws and ordinances affecting some of your rental properties. If you refer back to our blog, you can see the outline of many of these laws. We are still educating ourselves as to the specifics of various ordinances so we can represent you and your property to the fullest extent. Please keep your eye out for correspondence from us on these matters.

Welcome Home Packets

In the near future, we will be sending our owners a letter outlining a partnership we have recently undertook with a local company. They make welcome packets for people moving into rentals, whether it be a long-term rental, a furnished rental, or vacation rental. Quite frankly, these brochures are awesome, and top any other brochure/binder packets we’ve witnessed. They are fully customizable to meet you and your property’s needs. We are in the onboarding stages of this new service. We feel it would be most relevant for folks coming to stay in a 30-day furnished rental or one of our vacation rentals. But, it could also be of use for someone who may not be from the Monterey Peninsula, as these packets provide an abundance of information on local amenities, emergency services, etc.

Monterey Rental Registry Ordinance

If you own rental property in the city of Monterey, you will eventually need to register your property with the city per a new ordinance passed by the city council. In essence, the bill is a precursor to what could eventually become rent control. A year or so ago the city of Salinas implemented this measure. It’s meant to be a check and balance making sure landlords are following local and state laws with regards to rental rates, rent increases, etc. Of course, the city will be requiring landlords to register their property for a fee. When you will need to register, and how much it will cost, and how the entire program works, is yet to be determined. The goal was for the city to implement this by January 01, 2024. As of mid-January, the registration period is open, and needs to be completed by March 01, 2024. Our office is still in discussion about the best and most cost effective approach to having your properties registered with the city of Monterey.


It’s 1099 season. We are required to file them electronically this year with the IRS. You will be provided with a 1099 and a cash flow statement from our company to provide to your tax professional. If you should have any questions about this, please contact our office. As a reminder, if your tenant paid January of 2024’s rent early in the month of December, you will see an additional month of income on your 1099, not your cash flow statement. This method unfortunately cannot be revised, as there is a law on the books which requires property managers to report the income in the month it was received.